Top Reasons to Use a Managed Service Provider in 2023

Business success is often attributed to the effective use of current technologies to further a company or brand. One problem small to mid-sized firms frequently face, however, is the budget they have to purchase the tools, such as upgraded IT systems and networks, to remain competitive. Another is managing and maintaining these tools without outside assistance. Expanding an in-house IT team is generally not as efficient nor as cost-effective as entrusting many of their company’s IT requirements to a Managed Service Provider. In NYC there are about 220,000 businesses, 98% of which have under 100 employees, while 89% have fewer than 20 employees. These firms employ about half of Manhattan’s workforce, as well as drive its economy. That fact alone is reason enough to consider the value of partnering with a leading, dependable IT services provider, such as Converged Technology Group for Infrastructure Support, Cloud Services, Collaboration Services, Cybersecurity Services, and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services. Here are additional reasons to consider using a Managed Services Provider in 2023.

Access to the Latest Technology: It is expensive to expand and continuously train in-house IT staffers whenever there is a new staffer, new release, or new system to learn. This also impacts their day-to-day productivity. These individuals also impact operations costs as in addition to training, they receive benefits as well. There is also no guarantee that once trained on the latest systems, etc. that your IT staff will not leave for a more competitive salary elsewhere. By comparison, as a leading Managed Service Provider in the NYC region, Converged Technology Group’s team has the experience and expertise as well as 24/7/365 availability to troubleshoot issues in real-time and access to business-grade solutions such as remote monitoring and management to ensure uptime. It provides the ideal solution for firms that need to constantly level-up, while maintaining network security and their profitability.

Increased ROI and Overhead Savings: It is important to control your IT and technology budget without losing any efficacy. As a top Managed Service Provider in NYC, Converged Technology Group can demonstrate how our experts can provide optimal coverages at a lower monthly cost than expanding an in-house department. Using a managed services business model allows businesses to predict future IT costs while allowing for increased overall productivity.

Improved Security Functions: As previously stated, Manhattan’s employers are almost entirely small- to mid-sized firms. These are the very businesses that cybercriminal targets, not the global concerns that have a substantial budget for their cybersecurity initiatives. The average financial cost of a successful cyberattack is about $200,000 per occurrence. However, it is not just about the money. Exposing clients’ personal data and reputation impacts can be far more expensive and even close impacted businesses for good. However, cyber services by a
Managed Service Provider in the NYC will provide constant vigilance to greatly reduce the likelihood of being hacked as well as the damage control features in the event of a security breach. Converged Technology Group offers a full range of security services including firewalls, endpoint protection, web and email security, Managed Detection and Response, Identity Access Management and Control, Secure Access Services Edge (SASE), and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Reduced Employee Downtime: Computer issues waste time, and the axiom “time is money” is true. With a managed IT support desk such as Converged Technology Group’s Assist360 Managed IT Helpdesk, the IT support needs of businesses with 15-75 employees with Discovery and Roadmap, IT Service Management, 24×7 Remote Monitoring & Alerting, 24×7 Service Desk, Managed Endpoint Protection, and Managed Patch Management to keep your systems up and running and your team productive.

Decision-Makers Can Focus on Achieving Their Core Business Objectives: Generally, the task of overseeing an in-house IT team is the responsibility of upper-management. This means a leading decision-maker is diverted from holding the reins on the business’ core functions, which could impact overall profitability and even lead to revenue losses.

Managed IT services offer a high level of peace of mind by removing the responsibility and pressure from micromanaging their network and becoming mired in technical issues such as connectivity and/or stability. You can rely on your Managed Service Provider in NYC for assistance with simple tasks such as updating software or troubleshooting and fixing glitches to 24/7/365 issue monitoring and resolution services. Depend on Converged Technology Group to keep your technology and your business up and running day or night.

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