What Are Disaster Recovery Solutions?

Every corporation and every business rely on its technology to function. This includes their documents, files, servers, and applications Should sensitive data be lost, or a critical system suddenly go offline, it will likely have a major negative impact on the organization. These disruptions generally lead to financial losses (loss of clients and employee productivity) reputation loss, and even liability.

It is an old axiom, but very true – those who fail to plan, plan to fail. In business, a disaster can take many forms, from a fire, flood, or natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado that causes destruction at the premises, to a network hack by cybercriminals. Each event can impact business flow and productivity. That is why it is necessary, no imperative to know more about how disaster recovery solutions (DRS) will allow you to maintain business continuity no matter what situation presents itself. A solid DRS helps to restore data and critical business systems in the event of any software or hardware failure, accidental data loss, ransomware attack, in short, any unexpected event.

Another real problem is time. Corporate executives and in-house IT departments are focused on their core strengths. However, it has become an unfortunate truth in corporate America that data disasters pose very real threats. Worse, the attitude that ‘it only happens to Fortune 500 firms’ is false. It is the small to mid-sized enterprises that cybercriminals target. Yet, while most system administrators focus on data backup, little attention is given to data recovery testing. That is why, for business continuity and peace of mind, comprehensive disaster recovery solutions are vital for any business faced with a potential for data disaster. It is also true that selecting the right partner to provide this important service can have a profound impact on a business’ recovery efforts.

With so much riding on your data environment, businesses can’t afford to have a problem with their backups. Discovering the backup protocol is flawed will likely result in lost data, corrupted data or, worse yet, a catastrophic loss. Implementing a comprehensive disaster recovery solution is vital for today’s data-driven business environments. Ongoing testing and evaluation are necessary for effective disaster recovery and should be your business’ Number One priority. Perhaps you are not aware, but almost 95% of businesses that suffer a major data disaster are out of business within a year. That is a sobering statistic. It is not presented as a scare tactic, instead as a harsh reality. Also, obvious is where to go for your optimal disaster recovery solutions: Converged Technology Group.

Our team will assess your business’ requirements and propose the optimal disaster recovery solution for your firm to allow your organization to respond quickly to any threats and effectively remediate any disaster. Converged Technology Group’s proposed solution will:

  • Ensure business continuity. Any data losses, or limited access to business productivity tools, and downtime for customer-facing systems, can be highly disruptive for any organization. Our disaster recovery solutions will enable fast restoration of impacted systems, or failover to backup systems. This strategy will enable your business to continue fully operational despite the disaster.
  • Improve system security: We will implement effective data protection, backup, and recovery processes to limit the impact of ransomware, malware, or other security risks.
  • Improve customer retention: It is known that after a disaster, clients, and customers will leave an organization for a competitor after their personal data had been lost or compromised. Should a disaster cause the business to go offline for a protracted period of time, consider it a given. Business continuity helps maintain customer trust and ensure retention even in the event of a large-scale disaster.
  • By having a DRS in place: Organizations will have a competitive edge over their competitors by preparing for disasters more effectively than others in their industry.
  • Reduce recovery costs: Disasters generally have a negative impact on an organization. With effective disaster recovery solutions in place, any damage can be quickly isolated, minimized and reduce both the cost and effort of recovering systems to their original state.
  • The team of experts at Converged Technology Group can help to develop, implement and monitor your disaster recovery solutions. This way should your business experience a disaster, outage, ransomware strike, or other disruption, getting back online quickly is imperative. Being prepared for a data disaster won’t prevent a disruption, but it will minimize the damage to your business with fast and effective solutions developed by the experts at Converged Technology Group.

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