What are the Differences Between IT Services and Managed IT Services?

For decades now, we have all been living in the era of technology. Without it, no company can be effective, nor stay in business for long. Yet without an IT team either in-house or partnered with a leading Managed IT services vendor, any company is being run as efficiently as a kid’s lemonade stand- it is not intended for the long haul. In this posting, Converged Technology Group, as a leading IT services provider in the TriState, will compare the difference between standard in-house IT services and Managed IT Services. Long Island, for example, has over 90,000 small businesses alone, many of which are attempting to gain “next-level” status. Some smaller enterprises may have a couple of staffers who serve as their IT staff. While this is a fine initiative, there generally is a world of difference between the tasks that in-house IT services and Managed IT Services, as third-party vendors, can provide.

Generally speaking, In-house IT departments are tasked with maintaining networks, data, software updates, peripherals, and more. However, major issues such as cybercrime, which targets small to midsize businesses, may not be adequately addressed by those trained to maintain, not safeguard the company’s technology against breaches and client data losses. They have little time to spare, or perhaps lack the knowledge to provide full-service IT, as they are consumed by their day-to-day operational tasks. As providers of Managed IT Services on Long Island, Converged Technology Group offers our Enhanced Cybersecurity Support. Our team is additionally familiar with PCI compliance to ensure reduced risk relative to credit card usage, client’s personal data, to reduce the potential for sensitive information leaks. Our security strategies ensure your business will meet or exceed your industry’s current security standards.

In every field and every industry, technology upgrades are constant. However, budgeting for these expenses including providing software licenses and ongoing IT staff training can quickly become an operational burden. By partnering with the Converged Technology Group team, you’ll benefit from our resources. We have access to the newest technologies and the latest software upgrades, so you do not have to purchase these for your staff. Additional benefits to partnering with Converged Technology Group as your third party vendor providing Managed IT Services on Long Island, are reduced overhead/operational expenses such as additional full-time employee salaries, benefits, insurance, office space, and staff training costs can be avoided entirely.

Response time can be another issue. Most IT staffers are only available during business hours. Should a breach or other critical issue arise overnight or over a weekend, how quickly can your in-house IT team respond? Our clients count on Converged Technology Group for immediate availability and a quick response time. We are on-call 24/7/365 to respond to any IT emergency, by day, at night, over the weekends, during holidays, etc.

Here are some additional reasons why any firm should consider Converged Technology Group’s Managed IT Services in lieu of or in addition to their existing in-house IT staff. The advantages include:

  • Converged Technology Group can assist your IT staff with their tasks, as well as more intricate projects, including:
    • Enterprise Networking
    • Collaboration2
    • Data Center & Cloud
    • Security
  • Increased business efficiency and a competitive edge by providing managed services advantages ahead of the pack.
  • Predictable spending on technology upgrades (OPEX)
  • Experience and Expertise: Converged Technology Group’s Managed IT Services from our Long Island headquarters allow your business to onboard our team. We possess the qualifications, training, certifications and experience specific to a wide range of regional industries. Partnering with Converged Technology Group provides access to our expert IT administrators and their specialized skill sets. We offer the latest technology available, which can be implemented quickly and seamlessly.
  • Provide Proactive Monitoring and Issue Resolution: Managed IT Services not only include access to our experts, but also ensure you’ll receive proactive solutions quickly. An additional advantage is that by monitoring and managing your business’ IT functions, it enables us to identify potential threats and issues before these can escalate into serious problems causing potential business disruption, thereby ensuring business continuity.
  • Regulation Awareness and Compliance: We are well-versed in varying industries’ strict regulations relative to data storage and IT initiatives. For example, healthcare plans must be Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Other industries that must adhere with their regulatory mandates include law, finance, and even retail.
  • One Point-of-Contact: Establishing vendor relationships and finding the most cost-effective upgrades adds a burden to already taxed in-house staff. Maintaining a vendor list of all IT-related equipment is not necessary with a Managed IT Service solution from Converged Technology Group. We handle all interactions with hardware and software vendors to provide the best rates for equipment and software upgrades available. Reduced Financial Risk: Outsourcing or partnering with Converged Technology Group for your Managed IT Services by our Long Island-based team, ensures you will minimize making the wrong business technology investments. We are fully conversant with:
    • Financial conditions
    • Emerging/changing technologies
    • Evolving market conditions
    • Government regulations affecting your business.
  • We can help you to mitigate your business risks relative to your technology, as well as security and compliance requirements.
  • Future Roadmapping Support: We can assist you with your current and future IT needs, including Cloud migration, to help your business grow.

Perhaps the biggest differences between IT services and Managed IT Services are that the former assists to maintain a business’ status quo, whereas Managed IT Services enable and facilitate a firm’s ‘next level’ growth. To be clear: Managed IT Services from Converged Technology Group ensure that your business focus can remain on your business and its continued growth.

As your IT partner, we can support your existing staff as well as to assist you to make the right decisions relative to expanding, updating, and locating and implementing the latest technologies your operation requires to ‘level up’. Contact us today to learn more.

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