What Do Managed IT Services in NYC Provide?

To begin, let’s define what a Managed IT Services Provider is- a third-party vendor that provides business information technology services. Many small to mid-size businesses may not have the ability to hire a full-scale, in-house IT department. Partnering with a leading company such as Converged Technology Group, for managed IT services in NYC and throughout the TriState ensures that these tasks are handled by experts. Our mutual goal is to reduce overhead costs without sacrificing service quality, and to free internal IT staffers to perform tasks specific to your business. Another term for our expertise is called a Managed Service Provider (MSP). In this posting we’ll cover what MSPs are, the benefits for businesses to use the services of an MSP, the type of services MSP companies provide, as well as how to learn more.

When looking for a company that provides managed IT services in NYC and the surrounding region, it is important to partner with a local firm. That is because the managed service provider will be responsible for maintaining the full functionality of your equipment/services as part of any service level agreement (SLA). This contract will contain provisions for normal downtime, disaster recovery, tech support, and even help desk operations. So it is imperative that your New York TriState business hire a local vendor such as Converged Technology Group.

Our MSP services will also provide the following benefits:

  • Anticipate/maintain your business’ IT requirements for a range of processes and functions.
  • Outsourced MSP will improve operations, cut expenses, and streamline IT management requirements.

Converged Technology Group’s Managed IT Services for NYC and regional businesses benefit new and well-established organizations.

The chief benefits of our service to your company include:

  • Compensating for any Skills Gaps: Budgetary restrictions may prevent hiring an expansive in-house team with the skills and/or experience to manage/maintain a wide range of business technology systems. Hiring a vendor ensures they will use state-of-the-art solutions for routine tasks while your in-house staff focuses on meeting your core business requirements.
  • Lower Costs/Greater Efficiency: MSPs are generally associated with lower expenses, which can save your business money on overhead, including the need for additional staff and their training. Costs for an MSP are fixed and therefore more predictable than for ramping up an in-house staff, whose members’ currency may quickly fade if they are unable to keep up with ever-changing technology updates.
  • We’re There When You Need Us: Mustering your in-house staff to perform outage/disaster recovery services cannot be predetermined. However, as your provider for Managed IT Services for the NYC region, Converged Technology Group’s team can be deployed as soon as we detect an outage. In short, we are available to you 24/7/365. Unlike your in-house IT team, we do not go home at 5:00 PM or have to divert our attention from other business responsibilities. We can focus solely on delivering your specific need including your network and system’s security, to resolve issues promptly, apply patches, and install upgrades whenever required.
  • Whatever is Required, Your Managed IT Services for the NYC Region Supplies It: Managed IT ranges from very specific to general such as equipment maintenance and monitoring, IT systems management, remote server monitoring and management, network monitoring, and more. Moreover, Converged Technology Group does not adopt a break/fix mentality. We are proactive; our services include patch management and predictive maintenance. The result – is more reliability and less opportunity for an outage.

Our goal is to help your business to scale to meet ever-increasing technology requirements. Our Professional Services include the Assist360° Managed IT Helpdesk, and Assist360 Co-Managed IT Support. We invite you to bring us your Managed IT Services questions. Together we’ll chart a course for your increased business success.

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