What Does End User Support Do?

Among the varied services an IT vendor provides includes End User Support. This is just what it sounds like – providing assistance and resolutions whenever a client’s business encounters IT issues and service disruptions. End user support specialists provide front line assistance whenever a client (AKA ‘user’) encounters an issue with their software, applications, or has a defect in an IT program. End user support specialists have a fundamental role within every IT company. These individuals must demonstrate a combination of technical expertise as well as effective interpersonal skills. They are flexible and perform a wide range of tasks. As help desk support, they handle phone inquiries from clients and their staff, and/or respond to email requests and create tickets. If a client has opted for support for their existing in-house IT team, end user support specialists may additionally provide training as needed. Regardless of the assigned task, the main objective for these IT professionals is to provide clients with timely assistance. For many IT firms, to provide optimal service, this means being on call 24/7/365.  

As the first line of assistance when a client encounters IT issues, end user support services provide troubleshooting options relative to the client’s hardware, software, and network. Initially, these specialists will analyze the client’s request and attend to it immediately. The process begins by walking the client through their stated problem, possibly training the contact to install software packages, as well as being responsive to any questions regarding their networks. Additionally, end user support representatives field all questions regarding hardware, peripherals, and also upline any software program bugs as reported by users. If these support technicians are unable to resolve a reported issue immediately, the problem will be escalated to a higher level of support.

Many small- to mid-sized companies have a dedicated team providing their in-house IT. However, given the scope of many IT issues it is not possible for these individuals to respond to their co-workers, i.e. end users’, varied issues as this would mean putting their assigned tasks and workload on hold to troubleshoot and implement a solution. Decreased productivity and efficiency increases operations costs, as the focus shifts from supporting the core operation. Converged Technology Group, a leading IT services provider in the New York TriState, offers superior end user support services including:

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