What is Considered a Managed Service Provider in NYC?

The New York TriState is home to literally thousands of businesses of every size and, perhaps, representing every type of industry. They do, however, have one thing in common: a complete reliance on their technology in order to function and to grow their enterprises. The main issue that all business leaders face is what technology support services does their company require? And what type of business can advise them about their current and future technology needs? They may be aware that they need IT expertise, but by whom and to what degree? The answer to the first query is: a Managed Service Provider. In NYC there are many such IT companies. However, the industry leader that offers the technology advice and support most businesses need is Converged Technology Group. Here are the details about what is considered a Managed Service Provider in NYC, and how our firm can best serve the technology needs of yours.

As your managed service provider (MSP), Converged Technology Group will remotely manage your information technology (IT) infrastructure, as well as your end-user systems (desktops). We will perform a defined set of day-to-day management services, either in tandem with your existing IT staffers, or standalone. These services will likely include your network, infrastructure management, security, and monitoring. As such we work with a wide range of businesses, including legal, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing, which are highly regulated. We are aware of the requirements imposed upon each, and our initiatives are fully compliant with any and all regulations.

Converged offers the following proprietary Managed IT Services:

  • Assist360° Managed IT Helpdesk: ideal for businesses with 15-75 users, this service includes Discovery and Roadmap, IT Service Management, 24X7 Remote Monitoring & Alerting, 24X7 Service Desk, Managed Endpoint Protection, and Managed Patch Management.
  • Assist360° Co-Managed IT Support: Cloud-based, Assist360° allows you to supplement your existing staff with our experienced support team across all of your key IT areas, in a co-managed approach to optimizing mission-critical operations.
    Assist360° Services Include:
    -Managed Network Infrastructure
    -Managed Server Infrastructure
    -Managed End-User Helpdesk
    -Managed Backup
    -Managed Hosted Server / Storage Azure
    -Managed Hosted Server / Storage Azure Security Checkups
    -Managed Security Firewall
    -Managed Security Patch Management
    -Managed IT Helpdesk
    -Managed Security Awareness Training
    -Managed Web Security
    -Managed Email Security
    -Managed Detection & Response
    -Managed PC Cloud Backup
  • SMB Managed Services on Long Island and NYC: Provides business managers assistance with purchase decisions, as well as to monitor and maintain every aspect of your firm’s technology. Converged’s SMB Managed Services include:
    -Discovery and Roadmap
    -IT Service Management
    -24×7 Remote Monitoring & Alerting
    -24×7 Service Desk
    -Managed Endpoint Protection
    -Managed Patch Management

More concisely, as your Managed Service Provider in NYC, Converged Technology Group will take charge of monitoring/maintaining the complex, consuming, or repetitive work involved in the management of IT infrastructure or end-user systems. These tasks include:
-Management of IT infrastructure;
-Provide technical support to your existing IT staff;
-Add cybersecurity software to IT;
-Manage user access accounts;
-Handle contract management;
-Offer compliance and risk management; and
-Provide payroll services upon request.

We also provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with ANY SERVICE for ANY REASON during the first 90 days, call and let us know. We will work to resolve the issue or address the concern at NO additional charge to your organization. If there is no resolution within 30 days, you can cancel the agreement, with no additional questions asked.

We realize that this is a lot of information to take in, and we invite you to contact our team with your questions, so we can assist you in making the most important business decision relative to your company’s future. Call today to schedule your confidential consultation with Converged Technology Group.

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