What is the Role of IT Consulting Services?

In the New York TriState, Information Technology (IT) consulting services perform an important role and are a pivotal link in the chain of corporate management, business implementation, deployment, and maintenance. More specifically, IT consultants are external analysts who evaluate a company’s IT systems to enable that enterprise to meet their business objectives. The primary duties of an IT consultant include understanding their client’s business needs, analyzing and diagnosing that company’s existing IT infrastructure, then designing and implementing a technology solution that will enable that business to meet their present and future business goals. In short, IT Consulting Services in New York are one of the major factors driving regional business growth.

As a leading IT consulting firm headquartered in Islandia, New York, Converged Technology Group partners with small- to mid-sized companies to provide the direction each firm requires to optimize their technology spend in support of their overall business objectives. This is not a simple matter of making suggestions as to what popular software, networks, etc. are currently in use. Our combination of engineering excellence and dedicated project management, paired with the collaborative and consultative approach we take to every engagement, is the formula proven to drive successful business results. With the goal to align our clients’ technology strategies with their process strategies, Converged Technology’s IT Consulting Services support our clients’ IT initiatives through customized strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning. 

What does this entail? Architecture planning includes advisory services to combine their strategic plans with our knowledge of emerging technologies. Together these elements create the logical system design as well as the supporting infrastructure needed to meet each client’s unique set of business requirements. Our operational assessment/benchmarking tasks include services that literally assess the operating efficiency as well as the capacity of every client’s existing IT environment. Converged’s implementation planning services advise our clients about the rollout and testing of their new solution deployments. As part of our IT Consulting Services in New York, each client solution includes cost estimates, competitive analysis, the development of core IT strategies, the implementation of select IT systems, system management, and much more. 

At Converged Technology Group, our IT consulting services for New York area business additionally includes Enterprise Networking, Collaboration, Data Center & Cloud, Security and Managed IT Services. Here is a capsule summary of the services associated with IT consulting:

  1. IT Assessment:
    • Converged Technology Group’s IT consulting services for New York area businesses first identifies the challenges a client will face by carefully assessing their existing systems and processes. Through this phase, we derive important insights to fully understand your business objectives as well as the technology required to achieve them.
  2. IT Strategy Development:
    • Next, as part of our IT consulting services, our team will redefine our client’s current IT strategy for process improvement or build a new strategy to implement advanced technologies and systems.
  3. Risk Management:
    • Our IT consulting firm helps our clients to manage security risks, both internal and external, and identifies systems that can cause critical failures. Next, we forge a plan to effectively resolve potential technical disasters.
  4. Governance & Compliance:
    • The Converged team ensures successful alignment of IT frameworks and applications to meet organizational requirements to be fully compliant with regulatory mandates.

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