What to Expect from an Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment

Moving a business of any size to the cloud provides many benefits that will enable that company to be more productive and profitable. There are numerous advantages to cloud migration, chiefly the ability to bring your products to market more quickly and gain an advantage over your competitors. Another is that data stored on the cloud is safe in case a disaster strikes. Security updates to protect your infrastructure are also automatic, ensuring the latest best practices and platform resiliency are maintained.

Most small to midsize business owners know that migrating their data to the cloud is essential not only to protect against security breaches but also to remain relevant in their industry and therefore competitive. At the onset, Converged Technology Group will ask, “What is your motivation for moving to the cloud? Increased security? Bringing your enterprise to the next level? Are you looking to save costs? Is the move for innovation purposes or to increase your overall operational efficiency?”

Generally, while every business’ stakeholders want to take the lead and initiate a migration, it is imperative that the decision makers are in agreement as to its validity to help meet their business goals and objectives The most common reasons for any cloud migration include:

  • Lower overhead costs for data centers.
  • Increased scalability.
  • Improved failover capabilities and resiliency.
  • Ability to increase collaboration for remote workers.
  • Increased security from potential cyber threats.

Next, before Converged Technology Group initiates a migration for any of our clients, we begin by performing an Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment. This tool enables our client’s decision makers to see what data can be moved to the cloud easily and what data has associated interdependencies.

When you partner with Converged Technology Group, our team will be performing the assessment on your behalf. It will focus on the migration’s impact on your users, applications, and data as well as your firm’s overall IT infrastructure. Our staff will look for any and all potential blockers that could impede your business’ cloud migration journey. Think of our Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment as a Cloud Readiness gap analysis. It will be customized to detail your organization’s unique set of cloud requirements. When complete, our prescriptive cloud application readiness process analysis will list which of your business applications and data can be migrated to the cloud seamlessly, and which will require remedial interim steps. Our goal in utilizing the Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment is to facilitate the deployment of your Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration without issue.

Cloud migration is an important step for every business to consider. However, and we cannot overstate this, it is vital to understand that it is not a decision to be rushed or rushed into. Converged Technology Group invites all TriState region business stakeholders who have questions regarding the Cloud Migration process, including Converged Technology Group’s Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment, to learn more by contacting our team at 631.503.0698.

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