What to Look for in IT Consulting Services in New York

IT Consulting Services in New York

As companies grow, their dependence on technology does as well. Savvy business owners quickly realize that the advice they received from the major technology manufacturers at the point of sale will not take their enterprise into their foreseeable future. This is the time to graduate into a partnership with professional IT consulting services. In New York, however, competition is fierce, but who can one turn to be advised as to their requirements, and how does one implement that advice?  

It is important to gauge both one’s needs, budget, and timeline. Once you know what you can afford to spend, and when these technological upgrades need to be in place, then the extent of the technology upgrades can be assessed and a solution drafted. As for searching online for “IT consulting services in New York” a wide range of companies will appear. Here are some of the considerations to look for when selecting the best IT consulting candidates for your business*.

  • Adherence to the IT industry’s best practices standards including:
    – Clearly defined life cycle, milestones, and timeline of project
    – Documentation including requirements and scope of project activitie
    – Clearly defined requirements, roles, and systems to be implemented
    – Maintaining project tracking throughout timeline/adjustment made as necessary
    – Strategic planning
    – Quality assurance methodologies employed
    – Issue management including timely issue escalation and swift implementation of corrective actions
  • Relevant Experience with a Broad Spectrum of Clients
    -How broad is their scope?
    -Are they local, regional, or national?
    -Ask for references- and ask these if the project(s) was carried out on time and on
    budget and if not, why not?

  • Ancillary Services
    -What additional services do they foresee your firm requiring and can they provide   them?

  • What Can They Do with Your Timeline and Budget?

Among the leading IT consulting services in New York, Converged Technology Group both welcomes and anticipates your toughest challenges. We stand by our reputation, earned on each successful client, and look forward to assisting your business to reach its goals through our technology solutions and support. 

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* Project Management Institute (PMI) Practice Standards

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