What to Look For in IT Services in NYC

Your business team realizes that to remain competitive, you’ll have to upgrade your technology. While you have a capable house IT staff, their time is spent maintaining your existing equipment and providing desktop support to your employees. The decision has been made to locate and to partner with a reliable, dependable, local vendor for IT services. NYC has no shortage of vendors for every type of industry. What criteria do you need to use to ensure you are selecting the right company to serve your business? Converged Technology Group, a leading IT services firm headquartered on Long Island and serving the TriState, wants you to be aware of the following when making this important decision.

  1. Reputation: when making your short list, be sure to look at online consumer reviews to see what their clients are saying about them. Try to find postings from your industry, or size of business. Referrals are also advisable. Ask your business associates, and check Better Business Bureau ratings.
  2. Creates a Customized Budget: Is your leading candidate willing to create a customized budget for your business? At Converged Technology Group, we specialize in supporting small to midsize companies. We will ask you what you plan to budget for your IT services. In NYC, that sum can vary widely, however our team is on point and will tell you exactly what can be accomplished for that amount. Based on your technology requirements and business goals, we may also advise that you increase your budget over time to obtain the best equipment and services possible.
  3. Do They Offer the Services You Require? Some IT firms only offer repairs, however, an optimal partnership will be forged with a company such as Converged Technology Group which provides additional guidance in preparation for implementing future technology. This way, your firm not only meets its current business objectives, but is also well-positioned to continue to level-up.
  4. Prompt Response: When your company experiences a tech-related issue, productivity can be impacted as well as your ROI. Whatever the issue and whatever it impacts, desktops, networks, etc., Converged Technology Group will provide assistance immediately. Our experts will quickly diagnose the issue, and provide a turnaround time estimate, our goal is to minimize downtime and other impacts to your business.
  5. Improved Security Measures: Our network security experts will assess your networks’ vulnerabilities and take steps to improve them. We will implement stronger passwords, network monitoring, and two-step verification for logins. Our professionals will advise your business management team about limiting access to equipment and files so that only select individuals can get into them. These higher security initiatives will make it more difficult for cybercriminals and even disgruntled employees to breach your company’s data. If you have remote workers as well, these initiatives must be imperatives.

Now that you know what to look for, ideally you will have narrowed your search for IT services in NYC to one vendor: Converged Technology Group. We invite you to call to schedule your confidential consultation with our team. Ask about our fully outsourced managed IT services for small to medium-size firms, and co-managed IT services, which are popular with our mid-market commercial and enterprise business clients. Let’s begin a partnership that enables your company to not only keep up with your competition, but to surpass them! To get started, contact us today!

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