Why Small/Medium-Sized Businesses Need Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery Solutions

It should be every business mantra: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. It is also a very sobering fact that most businesses run the risk of failure in their first decade of operation. This means that nothing relative to your business’ day-to-day operations should be left to chance. Increasingly, however, all too many companies go out of business after an unforeseen, and catastrophic network security breach. The issue remains, for small to medium-sized enterprises, senior and executive staff are focused on their core goals, not how to survive in the wake of a network server crash, or total destruction of your physical plant or office due to fire or natural disaster. Do you know how long your company can afford to remain offline and unproductive? That is why it is imperative to contact Converged Technology Group to discuss disaster recovery solutions as soon as possible.

We know that small to midsize businesses often do not have the staff nor financial resources to bring their disaster recovery solutions in-house. That is where we come in. First, we assess your business and its network requirements. We’ll help you to construct a workable disaster recovery plan that combines successful disaster recovery solutions and data backup to achieve continuous uptime, maximum staff productivity, and  reduce possible data loss.

The goal of Converged Technology Group’s disaster recovery solutions is to keep your company and your company’s clients’ data safe to protect your enterprise against:

Lost Prospects/ Existing Customers

Trust is everything in business. A security breach can expose your clients’ data to leakage and loss. Their trust in your business and your business’ reputation will vanish, along with your revenue, prospective clients and customers, and in short order, your enterprise. 

Lost Staff Through Transition or Termination

Your clients’ are not the only sector that can lose faith in your company and/or your brand. Your staff’s loyalty may also be in the balance as first and foremost, they need the security of employment for their financial solvency. A breach, data or business loss can cause your best workers to leave, or subsequent revenue losses after a business loss can require a reduction in staff. 

The threat of loss from internal, external, and natural disasters is real. However, these facts are not presented as scare tactics, but instead as a means to open a discussion to safeguard your small to medium-sized business from potential disasters both seen and unseen. The time to plan is before disaster strikes. We invite you to contact Converged Technology Group to discuss how our SMB Managed Services in NYC and Long Island, specifically our disaster recovery solutions, including swift failover services, cloud recovery of a complete environment, and cloud-based server solutions, will benefit your business well now, and throughout your continued success trajectory. Our services include:

  • Hardware support
  • Network Performance including Updates
  • Software Upgrades
  • Extended IT resources
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Cloud Storage and Integration
  • Monitoring Data Breach Threats
  • Mobile and remote connectivity
  • Regulation compliance

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