Converged Technology Group to CIOs: Innovations in Hyperconverged IT Solutions Make them a Must-Examine Option to Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risk

Managed Services Partner to Host Two Live Events Exploring the Benefits of a Hyperconverged Infrastructure

NEW YORK, June 7, 2016 – CIOs today are faced with a myriad of decisions as they strive to increase productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risk in their data centers. What works today may not be strategic long term, particularly when it comes to managing business-critical application workloads that will impact the organization well into the future. All workloads are not created equal; some are best served by an integrated stack, while others are better served by converged or even newer hyperconverged stacks. Based on the organization’s mid-term strategy, IT pros may even choose a hybrid approach that includes public cloud consumption as part of their plan. While recent changes in hyperconverged solutions have given many CIOs cause for celebration, they have left others with more questions than answers as they work to create a data center that meets both short and long-term goals. According to Converged Technology Group (, an award-winning Managed Services Partner (MSP) serving clients throughout the Northeast, hyperconverged architectures can dramatically speed deployment and create tremendous data storage savings, two key reasons experts say hyperconverged data centers based on software-defined principles will become mainstream in the next five years.

“No single architecture meets all customer requirements,” says Leo E. Galletta, President and CEO, Converged Technology Group. “Every organization has specific and unique requirements based on their own business-critical application environments. At Converged Technology Group, we believe one of the most innovative hyperconverged solutions is a combination of Cisco’s HyperFlex technology with Veeam’s Availability solutions. HyperFlex is a natural extension of the investments Cisco has made in economical, flexible, programmable networks and unified computing. With its software-defined approach, HyperFlex represents the evolution of Cisco’s always-on, future-oriented data center strategy. By combining HyperFlex with Veeam’s Availability solution, organizations gain an efficient way to provide virtual machine backup and replication that delivers both immediate data protection and instant recovery capabilities – something every CIO should investigate before choosing an integrated, converged or hyperconverged path.” 

As one of the world’s top solution providers, Converged Technology Group has carefully considered the options it recommends to clients. According to Galletta, a Cisco HyperFlex and Veeam Availability combination provides one of the most flexible hyperconverged solutions in the market today, giving CIOs significant room for growth while cost-effectively achieving their immediate goals when a hyperconverged solution is determined to be the right option for their unique application workload.

  • Cisco HyperFlex systems deliver a new generation of flexible, scalable, enterprise-class hyperconverged solutions. In contrast to first-generation hyperconverged systems, Cisco’s HyperFlex solutions include an integrated network fabric combined with powerful data optimization that make them faster to deploy, simpler to manage and easier to scale. With centralized management capabilities, IT pros can use HyperFlex solutions as an available pool of resources for powering on applications as business needs dictate.
  • Veeam Availability solutions work in unison with Cisco HyperFlex to provide data protection that can be more easily deployed and managed and that can quickly scale with the business.

How Do You Know if a Hyperconverged Solution is the Right Choice?

To help IT pros decide if a hyperconverged solution is right for their organization, Converged Technology Group is hosting two live events this month – one in Melville on Long Island and the other in New York City. During each event, experts from Cisco, Veeam and Converged Technology Group will provide an overview of the hyperconverged market and discuss the ways a Cisco/Veeam solution can help them integrate virtualization, server, storage, networking and backup into a hyperconverged architecture that cost-effectively delivers superior performance, management and scalability.

  • Melville, New York: This lunch-and-learn event will be held June 9th.
  • New York City: This movie premier event will be held June 24th.

For more information or to register for these exclusive events, contact Converged Technology Group at 631-468-5728 or

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