What Types of Businesses are Ideal Candidates for Managed IT Services?

For small to midsize businesses, there comes a point where relying solely on in-house IT staff for your ever-increasing technology requirements reaches an impasse. It is simply not possible to grow any enterprise to ‘next-level’ status without partnering with a dependable third-party vendor for your Managed IT Services. In New York, it is especially important due to the competitive climate in any industry regardless of its size. When looking for a workable alternative to improve your business’s overall functionality, outsourcing the maintenance and security protection of your IT environment through a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) is the best solution.

What businesses and industries are most likely to require an MSP? And how do you ‘know’ when it is time to find the right vendor to provide your Managed IT Services? New York City and Long Island-based firms are ideally situated. Hundreds of local businesses turn to Converged Technology Group, a leading MSP provider in the TriState. If you see yourselves in any of the following scenarios, then give our team a call:

  • Your organization is seeking a better return for its IT budget.
  • Your small to medium-sized company’s technology requirements have grown beyond the capabilities and budget for your in-house IT staff.
  • It is time for your organization to ‘level up’ and need to be increased IT support to keep pace with your exponential growth.
  • Yours is a larger firm, however, there are divisions where you’d like to see your IT managed.
  • It is enough for your management staff to focus their attention on your core efficiencies. Keeping up with your industry’s regulation compliance mandates has become a job unto itself.

If you are still on the fence about partnering with Managed IT Services for New York City and Long Island businesses, here are a few facts to consider:

  • For businesses with between 20 and 100 employees, an MSP proves to be a highly cost-effective option to meet all your current and future technology needs. Converged Technology Group offers the expertise, software, training, and experience that most small to midsize in-house IT groups need to provide on their limited budgets.
  • For organizations with over 100 staffers on the payroll, rather than stretch your IT department to its break-point, partner with Converged Technology Group for your MSP instead. We can provide co-managed services and work harmoniously with your existing IT group. When you outsource a portion of your IT environment via co-managed or augmented IT services, Converged Technology Group will handle the support of some of your technology while your internal IT continues its support of its normal routine. As your business grows, your network and systems will be fully supported to avoid a skills gap.
  • Healthcare, legal, and financial services firms are part of highly regulated industries. The retail and media and entertainment industries also come under close scrutiny. However, Converged Technology Group’s team is very familiar with industry regulations such as HIPAA and FINRA and can ensure that your business remains fully regulatory-compliant.

A final word: Every industry of every size is completely dependent on IT services to remain solvent. Even with a top internal staff, it is likely to be financially impossible to stay on top of enterprise networking, collaboration, data center, cybersecurity, and/or cloud computing updates and requirements. Also, those in retail, legal, healthcare, medical, financial, and media organizations risk security breaches that could expose your clients’ personal information. One data breach can impact more than your ROI. Consumer trust in your brand could be irreparably damaged, and regulatory fines, legal issues, and even lawsuits are likely outcomes.
Learn how your business can avoid these situations entirely by outsourcing your MSP to Converged Technology Group for dependable, and professional Managed IT Services in New York City, Long Island, and the rest of the TriState. Contact us today!

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