Choosing the Best Endpoint Network Security Solutions

Endpoint Network Security

In previous postings we have underscored the vital need for Endpoint Network Security Solutions. In this article, we’ll cover the bases so you’ll know exactly what your considerations should be before you interview your endpoint security partner. It is a given that protecting your endpoints is priority one to reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack. Do not be naive and think that because your network has a perimeter security solution in place that you are covered. That protects your internal network and your service provider’s network. But what about your endpoints? Who accesses your network? From where? Using what devices? There is a lot to think about relative to comprehensive network security today. Read on.

Did you know? The average cyberattack costs the targeted business upwards of over 10-12 million dollars. That’s in losses alone. Since the vast majority of security breaches are via endpoints, that makes endpoint security a major priority to shore up any network vulnerabilities. Before you decide on an IT security vendor and together determine which endpoint network security solutions are best for your enterprise, you’ll want to assess and compile your needs.

Company Workforce

If your team is entirely under one roof for all of their productive hours, that’s great. It is also an antiquated work model. (Did it even consider your sales team who tapped into your network from the field, possibly from unsecure locations?) Today for most offices, a hybrid model of office and remote workweeks is becoming ever popular. And for others, more and more industries are turning to completely remote staffers from across the country. The more staffers your business has that work from home or elsewhere, the more you need endpoint security that allows secure remote access. 

Budget vs Needs

The need to secure every business’ endpoint security is great, however, for most small to mid-sized firms, the IT budget is limited. Speak with the IT professionals at Converged Technology Group. We have options expressly for small to medium businesses that are highly secure yet very cost effective. The size of your business will dictate the best endpoint solution as initially it will have to support a large user pool. For these as well as for smaller enterprises, a solution’s scalability is essential. This way future user demands can be accommodated without sacrificing network security. 

Regulated Industry

Many industries, such as technology, finance, government, the military, and healthcare have strict regulations regarding security and compliance and adherence policies. This means that for each of these types of businesses, their respective sector likely dictates very specific endpoint network security solutions. For these industries, Converged Technology Group works to ensure that the solutions we offer are not only fully compliant, but also exceed their industry’s minimum requisites. 

To sum up, identifying and integrating a robust and highly effective endpoint network security solution should not be left to chance. Nor should the decision/implementation fall to your in-house staff whose areas of expertise lie elsewhere. To grasp the full scope of your business network’s endpoint security requirements, speak with our team at Converged Technology Group. Contact us today

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